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 Rummy Yes APK Download - Get ₹500 

Welcome to a brand new article. For all of you, I have the best online rummy app right now, which lets you compete against real players for real money and have your winnings deposited into your bank accounts instantly. I personally use 100% Verified Rummy Yes APP Download to play the game. If you want to test another brand new app similar to it then you can Download Rummy Vip App for free.

Rummy Yes APK Download

You can Download Rummy Yes App immediately by clicking on the link given below. When you enter your mobile number in the app, you will get a bonus of Rs.500. And there is an opportunity to earn money by referring friends to the app.

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Refer And Earn60% Commission
Sign Up BonusRs.500
Min. WithdrawRs.100/-
Download Link
Click Here
 How To Download Rummy Yes APK? 

To start the Rummy Yes App download process click on below Download Now button. After clicking on the button you will start downloading Rummy Yes on your phone. After doing this, you install the Rummy Yes app by clicking on the download file. Come learn more. Rummy Yes App Login: How do I do it? So how do you get the Rs 500 bonus?

 Withdrawal Received From Rummy Yes App? 

Yes, if we talk about the payment proof of Rummy Yes APK, then you get an instant withdrawal, we have given the payment proof image below so that you can confirm that this app is 100% secure and users can withdraw their winning money.

Rummy Yes APK Payment Proof

Notice: All of these games, my friends, contain an element of financial risk and have the potential for addiction. Use them at your own risk and stay away from investing in them. If you choose to do so, you will be solely responsible for your wins and losses. Our goal is to inform you; All games offered on this website are available only to players who are at least 18 years old, for which our website or its administrator cannot be held liable.

 How To Create Account Rummy Yes APK? 

The company gives a signup bonus of Rs.500 on creating an account on the Rummy Yes app. Furthermore, once registered you can access all the features offered by this application. If you want to use this application to earn money and get bonus for free then you have to create an account here first.

By carefully following the above instructions, you can successfully create an account inside of this application and receive the bonus it provides.

 Rummy Yes: Share And Earn Bonus 

In this, if your friend spends at least ₹1,000, you will receive ₹100 for each referral. Add the money above, which you can get by selecting the “Share” option and having it instantly transferred to your bank account. You can withdraw this amount without playing any games.

Rummy Yes APK Share & Earn Bonus

The Share bonus in Rummy Yes will be added to your game account after you click on the “Share” option. You can make unlimited number of referrals and earn unlimited amount by doing so.

 How To Refer And Earn Money? 

Open the Refer and Earn tab in the Rummy Yes app first. Three options for referring friends will then be presented to you: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Copy Link. Choose one of these choices, then ask your friend to join in the fun. You will receive a 60% commission on your friends gameplay test if they register their mobile number in this app and play a game. You can click the claim button to instantly and tax-free receive your money. reaches a bank account.

Rummy Yes APK Refer And Earn

Earn unlimited chips when you add a new referral or your friends play you get the bonus every time the chips bonus will be credited directly to your account

 Weekly Bonus for Rummy Yes APK 

Friends, if you are talking about additional bonus in Rummy Yes app, then you get weekly bonus there. You get this bonus if you earn more than ₹1,000 by referring people to the app, but the weekly bonus option isn’t always available. You can get the weekly bonus only after doing a minimum recharge of ₹500.

Rummy Yes APK Weekly Bonus

In weekly bonus if you earn ₹1000 to ₹3000 in a week then you are given ₹500 bonus extra, thus if you want more weekly bonus you have to refer more. You can claim the weekly bonus every Monday. You can see the list of all weekly bonuses in the above image.

 Progress Bonus for Rummy Yes APK 

Friends, if you are looking for progress bonus in Rummy Yes, then first you have to buy VIP 1 worth ₹500 only then you will see the progress bonus option and then you will be able to get the bonus. Rummy Yes App gives you ₹1 to ₹1000+ Progress bonus.

Rummy Yes APK Weekly Bonus

The progress bonus given to you based on refer rupees can be useful if you understand the example of progress bonus. Like: Bonus for last last week is ₹1000, Bonus for this week is ₹2000, Your progress bonus ₹2000-₹1000 = is ₹1000. Be able to claim progress bonus as ₹1000 so you can click on claim and get progress bonus.

 How To Recharge In Rummy Yes? 

Adding money to Rummy Yes APK is simple and easy. The app will let you add a minimum of ₹100 to your game wallet. So if you are not looking for high risk commitment then you can start small. In addition, on adding cash for the first time, you will get an additional bonus of between 2% to 4.5%.

Rummy Yes APK Recharge
 Rummy Yes APK VIP Program 

Rummy Yes lets you gain many special benefits that only you receive along with a small number of users. But what you need to do to get these VIP privileges is easy, and you don’t even have to do anything special for it.

Rummy Yes APK VIP Program

The privileges that you will get will only depend on your VIP level. And another great thing about being a VIP user is that you can take advantage of many new offers that are available for VIP users only.

 Rummy Yes APK Current Games 

You can play a variety of games if you register for an account on the application, which supports over 15 different game types. All the games are included in the below list where they all are listed with their respective features. All these are related to card and rummy game. You can play any game here that matches your level of expertise.

Rummy Yes APK Games
 Rummy Yes App Withdrawal Process 

The Rummy Yes App lets you withdraw your winnings, referral commission, weekly bonus, and progress bonus as well. Since all these rewards are added to the same account balance once you claim them.

Rummy Yes APK Withdraw Process
 Rummy Yes Apk Customer Support 

The customer support department of the Rummy Yes app is open every day from sunrise until sunset. If you have any questions or have any issues while using the app, you may contact them over WhatsApp, Telegram And Email.

Rummy Yes APK Customer Support
 Rummy Yes APK FAQ? 

Q.1. How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy YES Apk?

Ans. Register your mobile in Rummy Nawab app and get a bonus of Rs.500.

Q.2. What is the Minimum Withdrawal of Rummy YES Apk?

Ans. You get a minimum withdrawal of Rs.100 in the Rummy YES App.

Q.3. What is the Maximum Withdrawal of Rummy YES Apk?

Ans. Not mentioned in the application, possibly unlimited.

Q.4.How Much Recharge Commission Do You Get in Rummy YES?

Ans. You get 60% commission by referring your friends to Rummy YES App.

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